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Clark Testing

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1801 Route 51 South
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
United States
Ph. 888-325-8517
Fax 412-387-1013

About Our Lab

Clark Testing has been providing product qualification testing and design verification for manufacturers for 20 years. We provide our clients with independent, objective, and competitively priced solutions to their testing needs. You will find that we are dedicated to delivering premium value to clients through superior technical expertise, advanced technology, and a deeply felt commitment to customer satisfaction. Our experience and dedication to testing helps assure that our customers in industries around the world qualify their products in an efficient manner. Clark's comprehensive catalogue of testing services provides a foundation for our commitment to product quality. We look forward to providing that service to you.


Abrasion Testing
Accelerated Testing
Acceleration Testing
Aerospace Testing
Air Quality Testing
Aircraft & Space Vehicles
Antenna Testing
Automotive Experts
Automotive Parts Testing Services
Automotive Testing
Bearing Testing Services
CE Marking Testing Services
Chemical Analytical Testing
Chemical Testing
Coal Testing
Coating & Surface Testing
Combustion Testing
Compliance Testing
Component Failure Testing
Composite Testing Services
Construction Testing
Corrosion Testing
Crane Testing
Cylinder Testing & Retesting
Destructive Testing
Device Testing
Durability Testing
Dust Testing
Dynamic Friction Testing
Electrical Testing
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
Electronics Testing
EMI/RFI Testing
Engine Deceleration Testing
Engine Durability Testing
Engine Testing
Fastener Testing
Fatigue Testing
Fluid Compatibility Testing
Gas Turbine Engine Testing
Global Compliance & Testing
Hardness Testing
Heat Exchanger Testing
Heat Testing
Heated Testing
High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Testing
High Temperature Material Testing
Humidity Testing
Hydraulic Hose Impulse Testing
Hydraulic Testing
International Testing & Compliance
Joining and Welding
Lifting & Handling Device Testing
Manufactured Product Testing
Materials Testing
Mechanical Testing
Metal Testing
Metallurgical Testing
Military Testing
Nuclear Testing
Oil & Petroleum Testing
Particle Size Testing
Particle Testing
Performance Testing
Petroleum Testing
pH Testing
Pneumatic Testing
Pressure & Temperature Testing
Product Safety Testing
Product Testing
Prototype Testing
Reliability Testing
Research & Testing Services
Roll Over Protective System (ROPS) Testing
Safety Valve Testing
Salt Fog Testing
Salt Spray Testing
Sand Testing
Seismic Testing
Shock Testing
Sludge Testing
Strain Measurement Testing
Stress Analysis Testing
Structural Steel Testing
Structural Testing
Telecommunications Compliance & Testing
Tensile Testing
Thermal Testing
Transmission Durability Testing
Transmission Testing
Valve Testing
Vehicle Testing
Vibration Testing
Wear Testing
X-Ray Testing Services
Russia Area Approvals Made Simple - CISCERT - Visit to learn more. First 10 customers that mention they saw this ad on receive their certificates at no cost. Testing, shipping samples and government fees are extra.
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"When we had a need to add additional capacity to our product certification team the service we chose was Name Your Test Price. They assisted in the scoping of the work, they located a lab that could provide the quickest turnaround time and liaised with the lab to help define our expectations. Name Your Test Price response to questions was extremely quick and their insight on laboratory procedures was excellent. I plan to use Name Your Test Price again in the future."

-Kevin Flanders, UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

"I was searching for labs in the States who tested consumer products. I was unsure of where to go and how to get started. So many labs! The field was vast and overwhelming. I spoke to and they understood what I needed and made excellent suggestions and provided me with helpful contacts. Thanks Name Your Test Price!"

-Maggie Gilmour, Researcher, Discovery Channel - Toronto Ontario

"When we had a need to conduct some external testing, we started by contacting local testing labs and got quotes of $500 per sample. Then we found testing partners and they were able to get the job done for $200 per sample, saving us thousands! We have been working with them for our external testing and certification needs ever since."

Nathan Isser, Ph.D., Lawter - Director of Innovation