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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of labs does partner with to offer services to Seekers? partners with qualified labs throughout the world. All labs are certified in some service offerings, with some more than others, with some being Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, better known as NRTLs.
What type of testing is offered by does not do the actual testing themselves; rather, they connect Seekers with qualified labs. Due to the extensive network of labs, is able to secure testing that includes, but is not limited to, electrical, machinery, medical, HazLoc, FDA, CPSC, biologicals, chemical and more.
Where are the labs located and where can they obtain certifications and verifications?
The labs are located worldwide, and as such, their level of ability to grant certifications and verifications is worldwide and varies according to the specific laboratory.
What if I have a product that I need to have tested for various parts of the world; can help?
Yes, can help Seekers obtain the necessary compliance necessary to enter or remain in countries throughout the world. They actively partner with labs that are well-versed in obtaining the necessary testing, documentation and certifications needed, be it via a CB Scheme or individual testing.
What is the commission to and why is it there? provides a valuable service to Seekers and Labs. Seekers are able to get quotes from multiple labs at one time and Labs are able to quote on simultaneous requests without all the traditional manpower involved. It's a win-win situation for both. In order to do this, manages and administers the process, the website and the execution of that relationship, which takes time and has a cost associated with it, hence the commission paid by Labs for winning bids.
Why are there different levels of membership fees for participating Labs? offers different options with varying levels of benefit for participating labs. The more features and benefits a lab receives, the higher the investment. Typically, a higher investment results in a higher return to the Lab.
Do Seekers have to pay anything to participate on
No, there is no cost to participate in The goal is for Seekers to secure the best options for their testing needs with minimal amount of effort.
What is the overall
Seekers enter the site and are walked through entering their testing needs information, including what is to be tested, related schematics/drawings/information, required certifications, if known, country(ies) for which testing is being completed and desired timelines.
Immediately, all participating Labs are notified and able to view the service request and may bid accordingly.
Once the bid period is complete, the Seeker is sent a notification that a lab has been selected and the "introduction" between Seeker and Lab is made.
After the introduction, the Seeker and the Lab work directly with each other and is removed from the situation, as their job of putting those needing testing and those doing the testing together is a success.
What are the different options for paying for testing services?
Payment for services can be made via credit card or direct withdraw from your financial institution.
How does facilitate that what the client wants is what the client gets? reviews all service requests. We insure that the work to be performed in defined, that all involved parties understand and agree to what work is to be performed, that only qualified labs are used and a simple service contract is executed before each testing project.
What type of information should a Seeker provide to insure an accurate and expeditious quote?
If know, the specific model numbers or family of products to be evaluated; specific tests or standards to be used, if known; and a list of any relevant tests that have been performed or will be performed by other labs, including in-house testing. Additionally, drawings, schematics and various engineering and bio test results can be helpful in providing the most accurate test quote and can greatly expedite the actual testing process as well.
What if subcontractors are used by participating Labs? and the Seeker must approve the use of a subcontractor for any part of a testing quote/project through Additionally, the subcontractor information must be provided, by name, on the request for quote, including the tests subcontracted.
What are the Terms and Conditions and why is it in place?
The Terms and Conditions document outlines nature of the relationship between all parties, and must be executed prior to any testing commencing. It protects all parties and provides for options should any disputes arise.
What if a Seeker has a change to a quote request once it's been placed on and the bidding has begun?
The Seeker should immediately contact Customer Care, who will obtain the details of the changes and work with the Lab. Depending on the level of changes, a new quote may be necessary. requests that Seekers attempt to be as thorough and forward-thinking when it comes to the placement of their quote request to avoid these types of situations.
Is my credit card information safe?
Yes. We use the highest level SSL encryption technology to secure all of our commerce transactions.
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"When we had a need to add additional capacity to our product certification team the service we chose was Name Your Test Price. They assisted in the scoping of the work, they located a lab that could provide the quickest turnaround time and liaised with the lab to help define our expectations. Name Your Test Price response to questions was extremely quick and their insight on laboratory procedures was excellent. I plan to use Name Your Test Price again in the future."

-Kevin Flanders, UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

"I was searching for labs in the States who tested consumer products. I was unsure of where to go and how to get started. So many labs! The field was vast and overwhelming. I spoke to and they understood what I needed and made excellent suggestions and provided me with helpful contacts. Thanks Name Your Test Price!"

-Maggie Gilmour, Researcher, Discovery Channel - Toronto Ontario

"When we had a need to conduct some external testing, we started by contacting local testing labs and got quotes of $500 per sample. Then we found testing partners and they were able to get the job done for $200 per sample, saving us thousands! We have been working with them for our external testing and certification needs ever since."

Nathan Isser, Ph.D., Lawter - Director of Innovation