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Consulting Services understands that many companies do not have a department, let alone an individual, dedicated to compliance and certification, but rather, many times, design engineers are left to the task in addition to their many other responsibilities.

However, many times, when products are designed, there is little, if any, attention paid to the many facets of compliance. This includes, but is not limited to, proper standard selection, country-specific requirements, component and sub-assembly assessment, design reviews, safety, EMC, technical file construction, as well as filing and actual certification and modifications. It can also include future markets and potential future modifications or enhancements.

As a result, a product may be tested without consideration for compliance and global access, and more times than not, fail at their first attempt at compliance. Modifications are made and the process of testing for compliance begins again. These failures, which are avoidable most times, result in lost time to market, lost money and missed critical corporate and development milestones. is able to provide you with a host of experts in compliance and certification at any stage of the product lifecycle. These experts are available to help you obtain compliance in the most efficient and effective manner possible by providing you with the expertise in a broad range of areas, your probability of passing the first round of testing is increased exponentially.

Getting involved in the pre-design phases will help your designers do what they do best, with compliance in mind, thereby saving time and money in the long run. We can proactively guide you on the appropriate standards for each market you are currently in or would like to enter in the future, be it the US, Europe, Africa or other. We have the knowledge to make your job easier.

If you chose to involve later in the product lifecycle, we are able to review designs and prototypes and review past testing results, providing you with steps to take in order to reach desired compliance in the shortest time possible and as cost-effective as possible.

It's completely up to you. We want to help you do what you do best by doing what we do best. provides our consulting and outsourcing services at a variety of levels, all of which are designed to be unique to your compliance needs. Some companies simply need to have someone to call when questions need answering, whereas there are others that require that a full-time compliance expert be on-site.

Levels of Consulting/Outsourcing Services:

  • Hourly
  • Quoted project
  • Monthly retainer
  • On-site

Contact with any questions. We are eager to be of assistance in helping you meet your compliance goals.

Below is a sample listing of the services and areas in provides expertise:

  • Acceleration (HALT, HASS, and ESS, etc.)
  • ATEX (equipment and workplace directives)
  • Biological
  • CB Scheme
  • Chemical
  • Country Specific Requirements
  • CPSC
  • Electrical
  • Energy Star
  • Environmental EMC Scans
  • Environmental (Temperature, Humidity, Weatherization, Corrosion, etc.)
  • Green Services, including, WEEE, RoHS, and Energy Star
  • International & Global Compliance, Certification & Research
  • ISO Attainment, Compliance, Certification and Review
  • Lifecycle: Preliminary Design Review through Market Placement
  • Lighting
  • Machinery (small and large)
  • Materials
  • Medical (FDA and European MDD)
  • Military (MIL-STD 461 and more)
  • Performance
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Product development: pre-post engineering
  • Product Revisions
  • Technical Construction File Review
  • Telecommunications (FCC, EMC, EMI, VCCI, ETSI, HKTEC scheme, iDA, ACA)

If is unable to correct or appropriately rectify the issue, you do not pay for the portion for which you are not satisfied. This is our assurance guarantee. Who else provides this? Are you convinced yet?

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"When we had a need to add additional capacity to our product certification team the service we chose was Name Your Test Price. They assisted in the scoping of the work, they located a lab that could provide the quickest turnaround time and liaised with the lab to help define our expectations. Name Your Test Price response to questions was extremely quick and their insight on laboratory procedures was excellent. I plan to use Name Your Test Price again in the future."

-Kevin Flanders, UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

"I was searching for labs in the States who tested consumer products. I was unsure of where to go and how to get started. So many labs! The field was vast and overwhelming. I spoke to and they understood what I needed and made excellent suggestions and provided me with helpful contacts. Thanks Name Your Test Price!"

-Maggie Gilmour, Researcher, Discovery Channel - Toronto Ontario

"When we had a need to conduct some external testing, we started by contacting local testing labs and got quotes of $500 per sample. Then we found testing partners and they were able to get the job done for $200 per sample, saving us thousands! We have been working with them for our external testing and certification needs ever since."

Nathan Isser, Ph.D., Lawter - Director of Innovation