Yuma Water Sample Testing
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This auction ended on February 12, 2015 @ 12:00 AM EST

Yuma Water Sample Testing

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Bidding only available to labs with testing facilities in the United States or Canada

Auction Description

STATEMENT OF WORK - in Partnership with TestingPartners.com
1.0. Background. Drinking Water Testing to be conducted in accordance with the Statement Work (SOW). Laboratory performing drinking water analysis in Arizona shall be certified by the EPA or the Arizona Department of Health Services. All samples shall conform to EPA or Arizona Department of Health Services current or revised Federal and State Drinking Water methods and standards. Use of Arizona Department of Health Services approved and accepted microbiological and analytical methods for EPA drinking water monitoring requlations is required.
2.0. Scope. Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supervision, and other items and services necessary to provide water sample analysis for the water treatment plant at MCAS Yuma, AZ. Tests include, but are not limited to CLINS 0001 through 4011.
3.0. The Contractor is responsible for the following:
(1) Contractor to provide all testing, materials, packaging, and shipping costs to and from MCAS Yuma water plant government personnel to include but not limited to shipping containers, ice packs, state forms, sample bottles, etc. Qualified MCAS Yuma water plant personnel will collect the samples and return the samples to the contractor for testing via contractor paid shipping and contractor provided containers.
(2) All shipping and transportation is the responsibility of the contractor. Contractor shall be responsible for all costs to include additional testing requirements, retests, or fines incurred due to tests that fail due to time violations.
(3) Contractor shall provide all containers and/or coolers with appropriate preservative already inside the containers in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations; reference Safe Water Drinking Act http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/rulesregs/sdwa/currentregulations.cfm.
(4) All shipping costs for all containers and/or coolers to and from MCAS Yuma are the responsibility of the contractor.
Deliverables Due:
(5) Complete the test results and return them to: MCAS Yuma water plant, bldg. 1950, within 15 working days for CLINS 0001 thru 4011.
(6)Test results must be complete and filled out properly. Any delay experienced by the contractor on any contracted courier service, including Federal Express, UPS, etc. shall be the responsibility of the contractor. See item (14) for delivery options.
(7) Laboratory reports and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) forms are required to be filed by certified mail on a monthly basis.
(8) Notify MCAS Yuma the Technical Point of Contact of failed tests within 24 hours.
(9) Provide all re-sampling containers and preservatives.
(10) Use EPA test methods that meet ADEQ detection limit requirements.
(11) Supply current accredited licenses under Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986 for the state of Arizona.
(12) Analysis of samples to determine compliance with maximum contaminant level shall be in accordance with analytical methods that are approved by Arizona Department of Health Services for drinking water.
(13) Additional tests done without prior approval of the contracting officer will not be paid. All quantities are estimated. Quantities are not guaranteed.
(14) Enterprise-wide Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (ECMRA) Reporting
The contractor shall report contractor labor hours (including subcontractor labor hours) required for performance of services provided under this contract for the Water Sample Analysis for the water treatment plant at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ, via a secure data collection site.
The contractor is required to completely fill in all required data fields using the following web address https://doncmra.nmci.navy.mil.
Reporting inputs will be for the labor executed during the period of performance during each Government fiscal year (FY), which runs October 1 through September 30. While inputs may be reported any time during the FY, all data shall be reported no later than October 31 of each fiscal year
(15) Reports for all tests, sample containers, and coolers will be sent to:
By US Postal Service:
By FedEx, UPS, or courier services:
By e-mail to: TBD AFTER AWARD
4.0. Technical Point of Contact: Water Plant Supervisor/Lead Technician: TBD AFTER AWARD

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