Sources Sought for annual transformer oil sampling
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This auction ended on April 7, 2015 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Sources Sought for annual transformer oil sampling

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Auction Description

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Description of the Requirement:

The Portland District Corps of Engineers is seeking local, statewide, and throughout continental US, small business concerns to provide the sampling and subsequent analysis of electrical insulating fluids and dissolved gases found in oil-filled transformers to 3 Portland area Dams. The contractor shall be required to collect, analyze, review, and provide a report for transformer oil samples and be a member of the ASTM's semi-annual Proficiency Testing Program.


The contractor shall maintain their own oil testing facility as well as employ their own certified chemists, analysts, and certified and insured field technicians that have been trained in the proper sampling of liquid-filled transformers at a power generating facility - as outlined below. Businesses that do not have their own laboratory, chemists, analysts, and field technicians will not be considered for this work. This is a requirement that guarantees the contractor preserves quality assurance and it permits the Government to maintain quality control. The contractor will be expected to schedule and then dispatch their field technician to the work site on a pre-approved date(s). This technician will be required to have at a minimum an average of 40 hours of training per year including, but not limited to, OSHA 10-hour General Industry Practices, HAZWOPER, and NFPA 70E training. They shall be familiar with sampling hazards as well as provide/utilize the necessary personal protective equipment and tools. The technician shall be capable of taking and passing the Incidental Person training for the regional Hazardous Energy Control Program. The technician shall be able to perform a visual inspection of the transformer, interpret gauges, document abnormalities, and understand relay status. The technician will utilize an approved field inspection form to gather the necessary nameplate information and document conditions. The contractor's laboratory is responsible to provide the technician with all of the proper sampling containers as outlined by the most recent ASTM, and any other required materials. The technician is required to be trained and responsible for the proper handling and shipping if required of the containers back to the laboratory after the oil samples have been taken. All duties will be performed in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (49CFR)

The contractor's own laboratory shall perform all of the analytical work on all of the oil samples. Analysis of the oil samples shall be according to the most recent ASTM methods as outlined below:
1) Neutralization # or Acidity - ASTM D974
2) Interfacial Tension - ASTM D971
3) Dielectric Breakdown Voltage - ASTM D877 or D1816
4) Color - ASTM D1500
5) Relative Density or Specific Gravity - ASTM D1298
6) Visual Appearance - ASTM D1524
7) Oxidation Inhibitor Content - ASTM D2668
8) Liquid Power Factor - ASTM D924
9) Moisture Content including a calculated quote mark % Relative Saturation quote mark - Karl Fischer Method ASTM
10) Furan Analysis - ASTM D5837
11) Dissolved Gas Analysis - Gas Chromatography Method ASTM D3612
12) Metals in Oil (Copper, Aluminum, Iron) - ICP or Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrograph
method - ASTM D7151
13) PCB Concentrations - Gas Chromatography Method ASTM D4059

The contractor's laboratory shall participate in ASTM's semi-annual Proficiency Testing Program for insulating oils and dissolved gases. This laboratory will maintain a historical record of acceptable as defined as, a range of plus or minus 2, but as close to 0 as possible is preferred quote mark z-scores quote mark and be capable of producing evidence thereof. The laboratory will perform a historical review of the customer's oil results in order for trends to be interpreted and to identify conditions that may be affecting equipment performance. The laboratory shall make recommendations to the customer based on the recent analysis and historical review.


The contractor shall provide the customer with both hard and electronic copies (Adobe Acrobat.pdf) of the analytical results. The contractor shall use an approved reporting format that is easy to interpret, informative, and structured. The hard copy report is required to be capable of listing at least 8 years of historical data, which can be provided by the government if needed. The contractor shall also host a website to which the lab results are exported and maintained as a password protected database. The storage of the customer's historical data on this website shall be limitless with no extra cost to the government to maintain. The website will use a program that offers data management tools for the customer. Those tools will need to include at a minimum, the ability to graph data, add comments and notes, and E-mail electronic files. The government will retain administrative rights to the database. In addition, the website shall provide access for multiple users that have been authorized only by the administrator.

All small businesses are encouraged to respond, but large businesses are also encouraged to submit an offer. Upon review of industry response to this Sources Sought Synopsis, the Government will determine whether a set-aside acquisition in lieu of full and open competition is in the Government's best interest. The appropriate NAICS Code 541380; size standard is 15 million dollars. THIS SOURCES SOUGHT ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. It is a market research tool being used to determine the availability and adequacy of potential sources prior to determining the acquisition strategy. The Government is not obligated to and will not pay for any information received from potential sources as a result of this announcement.

This contract will be awarded as a base period with the possibility of four option years. The award will be made to the vendor who represents the best overall value to the government. Vendor shall provide the following; It is requested that interested sources submit to the Contracting Office a brief capabilities statement package demonstrating ability to provide requested supplies and services as identified in this sources sought. This capabilities statement package shall include but not limited to: (1) a brief description of vendor's laboratory's ability to perform requested tests. (2) Description of personnel, training and qualifications of employees that are capable of providing services. (3) Method used for reporting website and tools available for government use. (4) Capability to participate in ASTM programs. (5) Company profile: Provide number of employees, office location(s), DUNS number, CAGE Code, and statement regarding small business designation and status. (6) Relevant Experience: A short paragraph providing relevant experience performing efforts of similar scope and duration within the last 24 months, including contract number, contract value, Government/Agency point of contact and current telephone number.

This is not a solicitation. This information is for planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, implied or otherwise, to issue a solicitation or award a contract.

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Oil & Petroleum Testing


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