Forest Wide Water Quality Sampling And Testing Project
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This auction ended on February 6, 2015 @ 12:00 AM EST

Forest Wide Water Quality Sampling And Testing Project

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Work includes water quality sampling and analysis on the Sequoia National Forest. The forest will be separated into four (4) zones. Zone 1 is the Hume Lake Ranger district located in the northern portion of the forest directly east from Fresno, CA and includes three (3) sites. Zone 2 is the Western Divide Ranger District located in the central portion of the forest directly east from Porterville, CA and includes eight (8) sites. Zone 3 is the Kern Plateau portion of the Kern River Ranger District located in the southern portion of the forest northeast from Bakersfield, CA and includes eight (8) sites. Zone 4 is the Lake Isabella portion of the Kern River Ranger District located in the southern portion of the forest east from Bakersfield, CA and includes eight (8) sites. See zone maps and individual location maps for additional information. There are currently a few sites included above (Boulder Creek Camp, Leavis Flat CG, Beach MDW Station, Cannell Station, Blackrock Trailhead) closed due to insufficient water production or insufficient funding. These sites may be reopened and require sampling when available.

Most of the water systems are classified as transient non-community systems. All systems are to be sampled every month (approximately 30 days apart) for bacteriological analysis, nitrate (as NO3) analysis every year and nitrite (as NO2) analysis every 3 years. Sampling should be performed as early in the month as feasible to allow for repeat sampling or other follow up actions as necessary. Approximate travel times to each water system location, the approximate season of use (days in service), and the dates of the last nitrate and nitrite analysis are listed in the attached Water System Reference Information table. One system (Old Isabella /Auxiliary Dam Area) currently requires quarterly analysis for nitrates due to high levels. All analyses shall be conducted by a state certified lab. Nitrate and Nitrite analysis results shall be submitted electronically to the correct jurisdiction providing regulatory oversight. All drinking water systems with State oversight shall have Annual Drinking Water Reports submitted to their respective State Oversight Office.

All persons taking water samples shall be "trained samplers" in accordance with the CA Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. Bacteriological sampling and analysis shall be in accordance with California Code of Regulations, Division 4, Chapter 15, Article 3 Primary standards - bacteriological standards. Routine monthly water quality samples shall be analyzed for Total Coliform and E.coli using the Present/Absent method (unless otherwise directed by the Forest Service or jurisdiction having authority). In the event of an E.coli positive analysis, the jurisdiction having authority shall be contacted for direction on disinfection/inspection/sampling and any type of additional analysis (Presence/Absence, Most Probable Number, etc).

Chemical sampling and analysis shall be in accordance with California Code of Regulations, Division 4, Chapter 15, Article 4 Primary standards inorganic chemicals.

Water meters, where installed, shall be read once each month when the monthly water sample is taken. Approximate locations of the water meters are shown on the sample siteing plans. This is an Optional Work Item which may be awarded subject to funds availability and pricing but is not guaranteed.

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