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Statement of Work

Introduction: To provide laboratory support for the sorting, identification and analysis of aquatic invertebrate samples collected as part of a joint US Geological Survey and Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) project aiming to understand responses to a river restoration project in the Methow River, Washington, USA.

Background: The Methow River in northcentral Washington is home to spring Chinook salmon and summer steelhead, both of which are federally listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). One of the strategies to help recover populations is the restoration of the freshwater habitats that these fish use for spawning and rearing. In the Methow River, the BOR is invested in several river restoration projects. The USGS is tasked with understanding the impacts of these restoration actions on river food webs and fish populations. One of the aspects of this work is the collection of aquatic invertebrates, which represent the main prey source for juvenile fishes in the Methow. The invertebrate samples are used to understand how the prey-base that supports fish production is affected by river restoration efforts. Moreover, this information is used to help calibrate and validate a simulation model that is used to predict responses to future restoration efforts in the Methow River and other locations in the Columbia River basin.

Specifically, the aquatic invertebrate samples included in this acquisition are collected as part of a study that is aimed at assessing ecological responses to the restoration and re-connection of a side channel habitat, called “Whitefish Island Side Channel.” An important component of the overall project is comparing post-restoration aquatic invertebrate information with information from samples collected prior to restoration (Bellmore et al. 2013).

Definitions/Applicable Documents.

Aquatic Invertebrates: small animals such as insects, crustaceans, mollusks and worms that live in the water and are the primary food for juvenile salmon and steelhead.

Side channel: a smaller river channel that flows adjacent to the main channel of the river.

Scope: Sort, identify, enumerate and record invertebrates from benthic samples and fish diets collected as part of an on-going study to evaluate response to side channel restoration at the Whitefish Island Side Channel site. Analyze data and provide summary statistics relevant to the study.

Technical Requirements: Identify, count and measure (head capsule or body length) all invertebrates in benthic and fish diet samples. Identifications should be done to the genus level, and when possible, to species. Benthic samples can be sub-sampled (but at least 500 invertebrates should be enumerated from the sub-sample). . The USGS estimates 120 benthic and 600 fish diet samples. Use length-weight regression to calculate the total biomass of each taxon in each sample. All samples will be destroyed in the analysis process.

Microsoft Excel or Access database should be created to house all data as well as summary statistics.

Deliverables: All invertebrate data will be delivered in a database (in either MS Excel or Access), with appropriate meta-data, and summaries.

The deliverable is due NLT June 30, 2017

00020 Aquatic Fish Diet Samples IAW the Attached SOW. Estimated 600 Samples Base Year PoP 02/01/2016 to 01/31/2017 Period of Performance: 02/01/2016 to 01/31/2017 00030 Aquatic Benthic Samples IAW the Attached SOW. Estimated 60 Samples. Option Year PoP 02/01/2017 to 01/31/2018. (Option Line Item) 01/04/2017 Period of Performance: 02/01/2017 to 01/31/2018 00040 Aquatic Fish Diet Samples IAW the Attached SOW. Estimated 300 Samples Option Year PoP 02/01/2017 to 01/31/2018 (Option Line Item) 01/04/2018 Period of Performance: 02/01/2017 to 01/31/2018

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On February 1, 2016
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On January 31, 2017


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